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Turkish Personals is a very popular site to meet singles in Turkey. Currently, the site has about 200,000 registered members worldwide, of which 68,000 are active members (who log on to the site frequently). Most of them are profiles from the United States and the United Kingdom who are looking for a partner in Turkey.

In general, Turkish Personals members are looking for stable relationships. Their ratio between men and women is quite balanced, so it is a site where both men and women have a good chance of meeting people of the opposite sex.

With regard to the average age, almost a third of its users are between 25 and 34 years old. The rest are aged between 35 and 65.

Registration on Turkish Personals

Registering with Turkish Personals is free, and only takes about 5 minutes. All you have to do is fill out a short form with your personal data. You can register with a valid email account or through your Facebook account. To create your basic profile you need to indicate your appearance, lifestyle and the age range of the profiles you are looking for, and to finish, upload some profile pictures.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to access Platform and receive suggestions for matches based on your criteria.

The site is available in four languages: English, German, French and Turkish, since apart from residents of Turkey, there are many Westerners looking for a partner in this country. You can find the options at the bottom of any page. Choose a language and the page will be translated automatically.

Advanced search

Turkish Personals has an advanced search that allows you to search for profiles by specifying various criteria (age range, family roots, physique, race and religion). In addition, being part of World Singles (a platform of dating sites), it also allows you to search for profiles from other countries and sites in the same network.

Apart from the search, Turkish Personals shows you suggestions of members you might like, either from the site itself or from other sites in the network.


Apart from the advanced search, Turkish Personals has a chat (premium function) for chatting with members online at any time. It also has pages where you can see your activities (members you liked, members who visited your profile and profiles you visited). If there is a profile that bothers you, you can always block it or report it to the administrators.

  • Night Mode
    This is a switch located at the bottom of the left navigation panel. It changes the page mode from day mode to night mode (dark background display).
  • Directory of singles from Turkey
    A quick and free search of Turkish Personals members is available to any visitor of the site’s homepage
  • Control panel
    This is his landing page after registration. In order of appearance, you have these sections:
  • Online now
    The fastest way to interact on this website is through these active members. They’re on the top row.
  • New members
    Studies show that newbies are the second most active members of any dating site. Search for new members through this feature.
  • Members of “You might like these”
    Your match suggestions are listed in this section.
  • Members of “They might like you”
    In this section you will find people who may look like you.
  • Search in
    The search tab is for free navigation for site members. It is also the gateway to the Worldwide Singles Network. This means that the four sections mentioned above in Dashboard can reach the rest of the network members.
  • Slideshow
    This sub-page allows users to select the profiles they like to search for mutual matches.

Your profile can be hidden or made public on the page. The profiles have extensive information. The site has a team that verifies profiles to prevent fake profiles and scammers. Most profiles are from people who are looking for serious, long-term relationships.

In your profile, you can include personal information, a description of your personality and up to 20 photos. You can hide your profile and deactivate it at any time so that it is no longer available.

Premium Services and Rates

Free services of Turkish Personals:

-Basic search with filters
-800 profile suggestions
-Try it for free

Paid services of Turkish Personals:

-Advanced Search
-Increased popularity
-Removal of ads

Platinum membership
-1 Month 39.99 USD / Month 39.99 USD
-3 Months 33.33 USD / Month 99.99 USD
-6 Months 24.99 USD / Month 149.94 USD

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