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Be2 is currently considered one of the best sites for finding a partner. The website was born back in 2004 with the promise of a revolutionary algorithm, through which we would be able to find our better half.

In addition, one of its most characteristic advantages, which differentiates it from other sites specialized in finding a partner, is that there is a rather peculiar balance between men and women (according to the data provided by the administrators of Be2, 43% are men, while the remaining 57% are women).

The algorithm with which it works was devised by Dr. Robert Wuttke and, according to the different Be2 opinions of experts and users, it usually gives very good results.

This algorithm is known as the Be2 index, and has the power to find the key points of a certain profile in order to relate it to another: In this way, only compatible profiles will be indicated, that is, those that have developed a certain affinity. We can practically say that there is a woman for every man on this dating site, so when it comes to using our strategies, it will be much easier for them to succeed.

This is a great advantage over other sites, such as Badoo, where there are more than twice as many men as women.

These are the 2 advantages that stand out from Be2:

  • More balance of men/women: you won’t experience that continuous feeling of competition when talking to a boy or a girl.
  • Be2 index algorithm: the website has its own index and, according to the users’ opinions, it works very well.
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